Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients: The Science of Patient-Friendly Capsules


Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients is the global leader in the capsule manufacturing market, says Julien Lamps, Associate Director of Global Product Management.

Speaking on the PharmaSource podcast, Julien explains how Lonza support the pharmaceutical industry with a range of science-backed capsule innovations.

“We are the most well-known in the market for our Capsugel® brand products” says Julien.

“Our manufacturing footprint is well established. We have 10 manufacturing sites worldwide, in every region of the world, producing 250 billion capsules a year”

This scale means Lonza are able to deliver products worldwide to any pharmaceutical customer regardless of geography or regulatory requirements.

“We are really focused on bringing innovations to the market. We helping our customers find new ways of delivering drugs and enabling people and patients to live a better life”

Along with pharmaceutical business, Lonza have a large customer-base in the nutrition industry where their capsules are used for vitamins and minerals.

Why capsules are the patient-friendly option

The common challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturers face is to “improve the bioavailability of drugs” says Julien. “Making sure that they are delivered with the smallest amount within the body, with efficient and consistent delivery”

“Capsule are by essence the easiest dosage form. They are very convenient to store, to ship and to get into your body in a simple way.”

Julien points out that capsules are a far better patient experience than using syringes and injection, with all the complications this involves for patients and clinics.

Enteric-coated capsules

The biggest products in the Lonza portfolio are capsules that dissolve in the stomach to deliver their contents in either liquid or solid form.

Julien explains that recently they have developed a new range of Capsugel® Enprotect® capsules, which are designed for release in the intestines.
“Capsugel® Enprotect® capsules are our latest innovation in the pharmaceutical space. It is a dual-layer capsule that will withstand the acid media of your stomach and will deliver only once it has reached the small intestine.”

Enteric properties are built in, the capsule eliminates the need for additional enteric manufacturing steps such as adding solvents.

Smart Pills are on the way

Julien confirmed that ‘Smart Pills’ are a key trend he believes will become a mainstream reality in the next five years, with some projects already in progress.

“Smart capsules communicate more information to patients and healthcare professions. They can share information which can help to improve the efficacy of the treatment and ultimately improve patient adherence” he says.

Collaboration with customers

Collaborating with partners is key for Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients, Julien says.

To help collaborate with customers, Lonza have recently launched the Lonza Capsule Application Lab, a physical facility in France where customers can visit to define their needs, develop projects and launch a proof of concept is done.

His advice is to look for parter with a strong regulatory background, who will help you understand what constraints and opportunities you face in the pharmaceutical industry, and who can prove the performance of their products with data.

“In capsules there are many players, but customers need to ensure they speak to suppliers who are backed up with scientific research” says Julien.

To find out more about the Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients portfolio visit their website

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