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Contract Development & Manufacturing has never seen so much change… or been so important.

To help future-proof your outsourcing strategy we’ve brought together leading experts, analyst, and peers.

CDMO Live is in a new 4 hour event designed to give you maximum amount of insights and relevant connections in a short period of time, in an accessible format.

The event is free to attend and takes place online on 13th June 2024. 

CDMO Live Agenda

Our Expert Talks content agenda is open to everyone who registers. However the Interactive Roundtables and PartnerMatch meeting programme is restricted to approved buy-side participants and CDMO partners.



Impactful, faced-paced “Lightning Talks”, every session will be no longer than 15 minutes.  Open to everyone, this is the opportunity for everyone to come together to learn from the experts in outsourcing and contract manufacturing.

More session titles to be added soon.

Learn how Bayer is approaching consolidation of 180 CMOs. 

Malik Akhtar, VP Head of Procurement Consumer Health, Bayer and David Buhmann, VP, Head of Procurement Finished Goods, Bayer will present their network optimisation strategy for a more cost-effective and sustainable network.

Minimizing Scope 3 emissions has become a strategic necessity for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Discover the roadmap for embedding sustainability into your Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) processes with Dr. Roxana Timmermans, an expert in global biopharma contract manufacturing, as she guides us through the integration.

In this insightful session, Roxana will impart practical guidance and case studies, illustrating the path to achieving a positive environmental footprint alongside operational superiority. Through discussions on sustainable sourcing, minimizing waste, and evaluating the effectiveness of your sustainability endeavours, this presentation promises to offer tangible strategies applicable to your operations.

The US pharmaceutical and biotech contract manufacturing landscape is at a pivotal juncture, influenced by both political shifts and regulatory reforms.

In this lightning talk Gil Roth, President of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outsourcing Association (PBOA), will explore the intricate interplay between the US election outcomes, FDA and legislative dynamics. Buckle up as we explore the following key points:

– Political predictions: Gain insights into how the upcoming Presidential election could impact the pharmaceutical ecosystem. From IRA to BIOSECURE, discover what lies ahead for CDMOs in the United States.

– Navigating Regulatory Currents: Understand the ripple effects of legislative changes on CDMOs and their direct implications for your business operations.

– Strategic Adaptation: Learn actionable strategies to how to stay one step ahead of evolving political tides.

You’ve got funding… now what?

In this talk Ray Sison Managing Partner SCxCMC, will present a framework for the first 90 days after funding hits your bank account.

Most biotech leaders know what a good clinical program looks like, but when it comes to operationalising your drug development, there are some fundamental questions to answer if you’re to be successful including:

  • Have you raised enough to execute a drug product development plan?
  • What kind of company do you want to build: Built to last, with mission vision or values or fit for purpose until acquired?
  • What are the key roles you need to hire internally and what should you outsource?
  • What should you spend on raw materials and how do you get a drug product into clinics?

This session is designed for biotech founders and leaders who have recently secured funding and are looking for practical guidance on how to launch and grow their company. By the end of the talk you will be able to create a realistic and effective 90-day action plan for your biotech, with key next steps for people, processes and technology to deliver it.

David Caron, SVP CMC at Immunome will share his experiences in how biotechs can get the most from contract manufacturers through collaborative partnerships.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate CDMOs into your drug development ecosystem for mutual success, with insights to cover:

  • Selection Criteria: Understand key factors for choosing the right contract development and manufacturing partner

  • Effective Communication Strategies: Learn how to foster collaboration between internal teams and external partners during technical transfers.

  • Risk Mitigation Techniques: Explore practical methods to minimise risks during technology handovers

  • Creating Win/Win Scenarios: Develop strategies to ensure both parties are invested in and benefit from the partnership

Join George Ntortas and Kyriakos Kansos, CDMO Consultants for Fuliginous Management Consulting, as they pull back the curtain on the European CDMO landscape.

They will share exclusive insights from their latest contract manufacturing research, offering a unique analytical perspective on a rapidly evolving industry including:

– Understand the key trends in the European CDMO landscape

– Analyse Pharma Cos product distribution among different CDMOs.

– Points of attention going forward.

This session is designed to provide External Manufacturing leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the key trends shaping the industry and practical advice for building resilient outsourcing partnerships

Your Sales Program Needs Your Attention!

In this rapid fire presentation, scientist, founder and best-selling author Dr Jeffrey Kiplinger offers insights from the trenches on growing contract services and supply companies.

Discover how to bridge the gap between your lab and the marketplace by leveraging your team’s scientific acumen to drive revenue growth.

Dr. Kiplinger will share real-world examples, practical strategies, and actionable steps that will revolutionize your sales approach, including:

– The push-pull relationship of sales and operations,
– The powerful but limited role of marketing,
– Sales as a scientific process

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and the life sciences industry must adapt to keep up with the shifting dynamics. With increased prescribing of specialty treatments and significant advancements in therapeutic innovation, it’s critical for CDMOs to understand these developments to guide their future strategy.

Join Helena Bayley, Thought Leader at IQVIA, for a comprehensive discussion on key trends, including growth hotspots, a top line summary of the obesity market, and how clinical trial activity is shaping the pipeline of tomorrow’s medicines


Our Interactive Roundtables will be a deep dive into important topics with peers. 

Access to roundtables is reserved for approved buyers only.

Join us for an interactive roundtable in partnership with the PSCI, to share practical steps towards a greener future.

In this session, Robert Williams, PSCI Vice Chair & Director of Sustainable Procurement at AstraZeneca, will share industry trends and actionable insights on reducing Scope 3 emissions.

We invite peers to share their tried-and-tested strategies for fostering sustainability in manufacturing partnerships. The conversation will cover:

  • Evaluating Scope 3 Emissions. Understand the impact of indirect emissions and identify areas ripe for improvement.
  • Implementing Supplier-Centric Strategies. Develop tailored approaches to engage suppliers in emission reduction efforts.
  • Navigating Reporting Challenges. Standardise measurement frameworks and guide supplier goal-setting for effective disclosure.

This session is in partnership with The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), the top membership body driving a vision of excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes across the global pharma and healthcare value chain

Bernardo Estupiñán chairs this roundtable, focusing on efficient technology transfer between organizations. Participants will explore strategies for seamless knowledge transfer, risk mitigation, and successful project execution.

Join this roundtable to:
– Understand the critical steps in tech transfer.
– Identify common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
– Learn from real-world case studies.

Introduction by Bernardo Estupiñán, Managing Partner at CDMO Advisor:
Bernardo Estupiñán will share insights from recent tech transfer success stories, emphasizing best practices and lessons learned.

Key questions for discussion:
– How can organizations streamline tech transfer processes?
– What role does cross-functional collaboration play in successful tech transfer?
– How can risk assessment enhance project outcomes?

Chaired by Philip Coetzee from Daiichi Sankyo, this roundtable focuses on Request for Proposal/Quotations (RFP/RFQ) processes.

Participants will explore efficient RFP/RFQ compilation, management and vendor selection strategies.

Join this roundtable to:
– Understand the critical components of an effective RFP/RFQ.
– Explore evaluation criteria and risk assessment.
– Learn from real-world examples of successful RFPs/RFQs.

Introduction by Philip Coetzee:
Philip Coetzee, Director CMO Management at Daiichi Sanky, will share a concise case study, highlighting his experience of both sides of the table in streamlining RFP processes. His insights will set the stage for peer discussions.

Key questions for discussion include:
– What elements should an RFP include to ensure clarity and alignment?
– Is a two step approach perhaps the better solution for your project?
– How can organisations evaluate vendor proposals effectively?
– What feedback should we give those vendors that have not been selected?

Following on from their talk, Bayer Vice Presidents Malik Akhtar and David Buhmann will lead an insightful discussion on optimising supply chain networks in the pharmaceutical industry. Participants will explore strategies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure robust supply continuity.
Join this roundtable to learn:
– Understand network design principles.
– Explore demand forecasting and inventory management.
– Learn from real-world examples of network optimization.

Introduction by Bayer: Malik Akhtar and David Buhmann will present a concise case study showcasing their supply chain network optimization efforts. Their insights will stimulate peer discussion.

Key Questions for Discussion:
– How can companies balance cost-effectiveness with supply reliability and sustainability?
– What technologies or tools aid network optimization?
– What kind of selection criteria is helpful in guiding optimisation projects?

This roundtable explores strategies to foster strong partnerships between Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) and sponsors. Participants will gain insights into effective collaboration models, communication channels, and mutual expectations.

Join this roundtable to:
– Understand the critical role of trust and transparency in CDMO-sponsor relationships.
– Identify key success factors for long-term partnerships.
– Learn how to navigate challenges and resolve conflicts.

Introduction by Grand River:
In a concise 10-minute presentation, Grand River will share a real-world case study highlighting successful collaboration between a CDMO and a sponsor. Their insights will set the stage for an interactive discussion.

Key Questions for Discussion:
– How can CDMOs proactively address sponsor needs and expectations?
– What communication strategies enhance relationship-building?
– What best practices can mitigate risks and ensure project success?

Vector Partners leads this roundtable, focusing on talent acquisition and retention within the CDMO sector. Participants will explore innovative approaches to attract skilled professionals and address workforce challenges.

Join this roundtable to:
– Recognize the talent shortage in CDMOs and its impact.
– Explore recruitment strategies tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.
– Discuss talent development and retention initiatives.

Introduction by Neil Kelly, CEO of Vector Partners:
Neil Kelly will share a talent framework and research to set the stage for further dialogue.

Key Questions for Discussion:
– What novel recruitment channels can CDMOs explore?
– How can we nurture talent pipelines and promote career growth?
– What role does company culture play in talent retention?

In this dynamic roundtable, we delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our focus is on practical applications, enabling participants to gain actionable insights and best practices.

We’ll explore how AI is revolutionizing the industry, optimizing processes, and ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – and how the latest available technology can be a key enabler in unlocking powerful partnerships between CDMOs and sponsor organizations.

Join this roundtable to:
1. Understand the role of AI in enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing efficiency.
2. Explore real-world case studies where AI-driven solutions have made a significant impact.
3. Learn how to integrate AI technologies seamlessly into existing manufacturing workflows.

Introduction by Aizon
Aizon will kick off the session by sharing a compelling case study from AI solutions deployed at leading CDMO manufacturers.

Drawing from their extensive experience, they’ll provide valuable insights into AI implementation within pharmaceutical production.

Key Questions for Discussion:
1. How can AI-driven predictive analytics improve batch quality and yield?
2. In which scenarios (molecule type, manufacturing area, data availability, etc.) has AI proven most useful?
3. What challenges arise when integrating AI into GMP-compliant processes?
4. How do we address data privacy concerns while leveraging AI in manufacturing?
5. How can CDMOs and sponsors collaborate to create a win-win scenario with AI?


At the core of the event is our PartnerMatch matchmaking meeting programme, a curated service which connects BioPharma outsourcing leaders with relevant, innovative CDMO partners.

Read what buyers should expect from the meetings programme and apply to take part below.

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