Antheia and Olon Extend Biomanufacturing Partnership

  • Antheia and Olon have announced a continuation of partnership, leveraging Olon’s fermentation infrastructure for the manufacture of Antheia’s early products.
  • The partnership, established in 2022, has played a pivotal role in scaling Antheia’s biomanufacturing processes to meet international demand for its first products, including thebaine.

Antheia, a pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer transforming essential medicine supply chains, and Olon Group have announced the continuation of their ongoing partnership. This collaboration aims to leverage Olon’s vast fermentation infrastructure to manufacture Antheia’s early products.

The partnership between Antheia and Olon was established in 2022 to utilise Olon’s fermentation sites across Italy. Since then, Olon has played a pivotal role as a CDMO in scaling Antheia’s biomanufacturing processes and producing its Biosynthetic KSMs and APIs. Looking to 2024 and beyond, Antheia plans to continue partnering with Olon to unlock additional capacity to meet international demand for its first products, including thebaine.

Zack McGahey, COO of Antheia, stated, “The third-party partners we work with are a huge part of our success, so finding the right CDMO to help bring our first products to industrial scale efficiently and rapidly was a critical decision early in our commercialization journey. Olon is a well-respected CDMO of high-quality pharmaceutical products and a trusted partner to us as we continue our work together to ship our first products later this year and ultimately, transform essential medicine supply chains.”

Olon Biotech, a division of Olon Group, has over 50 years of experience providing high-quality fermentation manufacturing services and is a globally licensed API manufacturer. With 5,000 cubic meters of fermentation capacity installed within its sites. Olon’s extensive global infrastructure and deep industry expertise were instrumental to Antheia’s recent commercial milestones for its first product, thebaine.

Maurizio Sartorato, VP of Olon Biotech, commented on the successful partnership, “Over the last five years, we have massively invested in our Biotech Centers, generating a significant increase in capacity and upgrading production processes for greater efficiency, and importantly, reducing the environmental impact of our production.”

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