Celonic Opens New Biologics Development Center in Basel

  • Celonic Group has opened a new Biologics Development Center and Pilot Plant in Basel, Switzerland, to enhance bioprocessing technologies.
  • The expansion aims to reduce costs and risks in scaling biologic medicines, supporting biotech and biosimilar companies.

Celonic Group, a Swiss-based Quality Biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), has inaugurated a new Biologics Development Center and Pilot Plant in Basel, Switzerland. This expansion aims to support pharmaceutical companies in developing and optimizing processes with advanced bioprocessing technologies like Process Intensification and Perfusion.

The new facility is designed to cut the costs and risks associated with scaling up the production of biologic medicines. By implementing these innovative technologies, Celonic seeks to make biologic medicines more affordable and accessible globally.

Celonic is recognized for its expertise in perfusion and intensification processes. The “Next Generation” biomanufacturing capabilities at the new Biologics Development Center will support the entire product lifecycle, from initial development to market-scale production. The Basel facility will operate in conjunction with Celonic’s GMP manufacturing site in Heidelberg, Germany, ensuring seamless integration across the product development chain.

“The cost and complexity of scaling a biologic drug from the lab bench to market-scale production poses a significant barrier to innovation,” said Samanta Cimitan, CEO of the Celonic Group. “Celonic’s Biologics Development Center expansion, equipped with state-of-the-art ‘Next Generation’ bioprocessing technologies, offers capabilities that significantly increase the amount of active ingredient produced, reducing the cost per gram of finished product. We look forward to helping customers, particularly biotech and biosimilar companies of all sizes, innovate more quickly and improve access to sophisticated medicines.”

The new Biologics Development Center is expected to enhance Celonic’s ability to provide high-quality contract manufacturing services, supporting biotech and biosimilar companies in bringing innovative therapies to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

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