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Connecting the Partnering + Sourcing Ecosystem

PartnerMatch is Targeted Sustainable International

Efficient and Targeted Meetings

Curated and AI-powered 
1-to-1 meeting platform will match you with the most relevant partners

Sustainable and

PartnerMatch reduces the Co2 footprint and the costs associated with international travel

Global Partnership Accelerator

Spark collaboration with international partners, fueling innovation across borders.

Upcoming PartnerMatch Sessions

Did you know?

$100 Billion

Buying Power of PharmaSource Members

66% of Buyers requested
Online Meetings

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How it works

Unlock your partnering potential by following with these simple steps:

1.  Register your interest as a Buyer or Supplier, telling us what you would like to achieve.

2.  Our concierge team will be in touch discuss your brief and will design a bespoke programme of 1-to-1 meetings for you.

3. Online access will be given to you before, during and for 30 days after the event, so you can continue the conversation.

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