GenScript Launches Fastest S2P Service in the Industry

  • GenScript Biotech Corporation has launched the GenScript FLASH Gene service, a new ultra-fast sequence-to-plasmid service with a four-day delivery time.
  • The service features a flat-rate pricing model starting at $89 and ensures plasmid yield and 100% sequence accuracy.

GenScript Biotech Corporation, specialists in synthetic biology and gene synthesis services, has announced the launch of its newest offering, the GenScript FLASH Gene service. This ultra-fast sequence-to-plasmid (S2P) service aims to meet the growing demand for rapid delivery of gene constructs with exceptional speed, quality, and cost-efficiency.

The GenScript FLASH Gene service boasts an industry-leading delivery time of just four business days from sequence to plasmid construct. Priced from $89, this service includes gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid preparation. It is designed to accelerate research and discovery efforts, particularly in the development of antibody drugs, vaccines, and gene and cell therapies.

Continuing its commitment to quality and reliability, GenScript guarantees plasmid yield and 100% sequence accuracy with the FLASH Gene service. This assurance allows scientists to concentrate on their research with full confidence in the quality of their gene constructs.

The new service is offered from GenScript’s expanded facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, where the company delivered its first gene 22 years ago. The FLASH Gene service is also available globally, ensuring competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times for customers worldwide.

“We recognize the current market challenges and understand the critical need to develop the FLASH Gene service to support our customers in accelerating breakthroughs,” said Ray Chen, Ph.D., President of the Life Science Group at GenScript. “As the pioneer and leader in gene synthesis, we are committed to delivering genes to researchers worldwide in the fastest, most reliable, and efficient manner. Our team has put extensive efforts into platform upgrades, automation, and process optimization, enabling us to offer the groundbreaking FLASH Gene service.”

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